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Designing Technology for the Commons.

We are a small pluridisciplinary team who brings human–centric design, web engineering expertise and collaborative practices to your teams and products.

We love to craft meaningful projects, to take a step back and to empower the people we work with.

At the moment we work on public finance transparency with Département de la Gironde, on javascript & node.js with , on mind the gaps with Open Data Institute, just to name a few.

Javascript & Node.js

Learning JavaScript and Node.js by doing. A playful publication readable on the web, as an npm package and as a book.
Current Stage
Writing and workshops
Additional Resources
GitHub Project

About us

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Fluent In
Software engineer contributing to the Open Web with a solid experience in startups, entrepreneurship and open education.
What Makes Them Happy
A cup of hot chocolate.
Notable Fact
Can reimplement TCP/IP protocol in an afternoon.
Current Location
Montréal, Canada
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Fluent In
Full stack software designer with a crush for user interfaces, scalable systems and personal development.
What Makes Them Happy
Walking in Nature.
Notable Fact
I bake my own sourdough bread.
Current Location
🎒, France
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Fluent In
Product owner specialised in user research, health, cinema and social innovation.
What Makes Them Happy
Looking at the stars by night.
Notable Fact
Cannot refrain herself having good ideas.
Current Location
Montréal, Canada

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