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Our Value Proposition

A friendly visualisation to highlight city inequalities and the pathways to their resolutions.

About Open Data Institute Mind the Gaps

Mind the Gaps is an idea which originates both in the fact modern cities face inequality gaps and the lack of context prevents city services to join their efforts to efficiently address these gaps. For example in the city of Bristol, women die 12 years earlier in some neighbourhoods than they might in more prosperous areas, mostly because of an inadequate access to services and informations.

Minds the Gaps is an open source web visualisation interface which aim at highlighting major inequality gaps as data narratives by showing where they happen, where the problem-solving resources are and what is the pathway between them all — and their lack of.

Minds the Gaps ambitions is to be showcased in public spaces like the Bristol Data Dome to decision makers from various city services, communities and charities to acknowledge the issues, with whom to connect to address them and to effectively engage a dialogue in this very same space.

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